Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Care

Mark Colwell GDC 62226 discussing treatment planning with a patient at Church Court Dental Practice

Preventive dental care is at the heart of everything we do at Church Court.

Our dentists, therapists, hygienists and oral health educators provide a full range of evidence-based care focussed on you, as an individual, keeping your mouth healthy and preventing problems.

Stopping problems before they start and monitoring changes in your oral health, at any age, can minimize the need for invasive and potentially expensive treatments….and the need for emergency patch-ups throughout a lifetime.

Preventive care includes a vast range of treatments and supporting monitoring which are performed by the whole team at Church Court.  They include fissure sealants, topical fluorides, oral hygiene instruction, professional scaling & polishing and dietary counselling. To find out more about how we monitor and treat your oral health please see our resources for patients.

Research also shows, for example, how periodontal disease (gum disease) can possibly be linked to coronary heart disease and strokes.

Read our blog on how to avoid dental disease and keep treatment to a minimum.

Healthy mouth, looking good…

Lorraine SmilingWe want to help you enjoy the confidence of a relaxed and beautiful smile – and we know it is your long term oral health that rests at the heart of this.

Using the best oral health advice, based on the most up to date knowledge, can deliver genuine outcomes of real value.

Church Court Dental Practice can demonstrate a commitment to its patients in this respect over many years backed up by audit and independent verification.

Visiting our Dental Hygienists

Lorraine Gibb (GDC: 4194) Dental Hygienist and key player in providing preventive care at Church Court Dental Practice in Purple ScrubsAll of the dental care professionals within our team play an active role in the provision of  the practice’s preventive services.

Lorraine, our senior hygienist, leads the preventive team under Mark’s guidance working with Maria and Julie all taking major roles in the delivery of preventive care.  A friendly, dedicated and professional service, delivering effective, evidence-based preventive care, is available to all of our patients.

Julie’s qualification in dental therapy also allows her to carry out many additional elements of routine dental care under Mark’s prescription, such as providing routine fillings, impressions and taking x-rays etc.

Oral Health Education also provides an essential cornerstone of our service to enable the delivery of well-considered care and advice.

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