Bridges are usually designed and fitted by your dentist, see some simplified examples below (Please also see restorative dentistry.):

What is a Bridge?

Sometimes teeth are lost. The adjacent teeth are prepared. Bridges can be made to exactly matchs the space and is fitted across the gap.

Adhesive Bridge

An adhesive bridge is non destructive. A bridge is prepared and ‘stuck’ to the inside of the adjacent tooth with minimal tooth surface removal.

Adhesive Metal 1 Wing Bridge

Adhesive Metal 2 Wing Bridge

Multi Unit Bridge

When a number of teeth are missing in a row a multi-unit bridge can be used to fill the gap. It will need to be secured at a number of points. This can be achieved by using implants and by preparing existing teeth.
The multi-unit bridge is then secured to the Implants and the existing teeth.

Multi Unit Implant Bridge Cleaning

When a multi-unit bridge has been fitted it is important to keep the bridge and the gums clean.
Use superfloss for effective cleaning of free and attached surfaces. Brushing technique remains the same at a 45 degree angle with the gum and tooth. All surfaces should be brushed twice a day.

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