Smile Design

We believe the most beautiful and stunning smiles are healthy, relaxed, confident and genuine and will take great care and consideration in advising and carrying out procedures to help you achieve this. Everyone has unique features and any advice given about redesigning your smile will take into account your individual situation.

Achieving Aesthetic Proportions

You may find it interesting to see the video below which shows some of the aesthetic principles of facial proportions which we take into consideration. Many of these are easy to achieve.

  • The centre line of the teeth are central to the face.
  • The teeth are angled correctly towards a point below the chin.
  • There is an optimum pattern to the height and size of each tooth.
  • The contact points and gum line mirror the lip line and smile
  • and of course the tooth shade makes the smile complete.


Smile Design Implementation

Each individual situation is assessed and approached differently, but as an example:

The gum line is often corrected first – tiny amounts of gum tissue are removed …
old crowns, veneers or bridges can also be removed before the teeth are prepared and impressions are taken. From these impressions precise restorations or clear aligners are made and fitted, paying close attention to symmetry

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